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Like most of us, your busy lifestyle probably makes it impractical to sit through lengthy dental appointments. Advances in dental technology have allowed us to streamline your visits so you can get on with your life. CEREC crowns are one example of an updated technology that can help restore your smile in only one appointment.

Dr. Lindsay Cloud has been providing convenient one-day crowns at our West Little Rock dental office for over 10 years. He is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest dental procedures and devotes a significant amount of time to continuing education to stay current in the latest CEREC technology.

Single Appointment Convenience With CEREC

If you’ve had crowns placed in the past, you know that it requires several visits. The process of placing CEREC dental restorations is efficient and comfortable, reducing the amount of time you spend in the dental chair. Other advantages of using CEREC crowns instead of traditional restorations are:

  • Impressions are made by computer instead of using a gooey paste.
  • Temporary crowns are no longer necessary.
  • Your restorations are made from metal-free, tooth-colored ceramic.
  • These conservative restorations retain more healthy tooth structure.

We fabricate your new crown right in our office while you wait. With CEREC state-of-the-art technology, you need fewer injections and less drilling, which adds up to less time out of your busy life for dental care. In most cases, after only one appointment, you will leave our office the same day with a beautiful, natural-looking dental restoration.

CEREC Crowns Use Advanced Dental Materials

Dr. Lindsay Cloud and our professional team are proud to utilize state-of-the-art equipment and dental materials wherever possible. CEREC is just one example of advanced technology that allows us to provide you with efficient results that are beautiful, durable, and improve your oral health.

  • We use a laser camera to scan your tooth to CAD/CAM software. Using bio-recognition software, we can design a custom restoration that mimics your own natural tooth structure.
  • The crown is milled from a block of advanced porcelain that closely matches the composition of your natural tooth. This reduces the chance of fracturing because the restoration responds to changes in temperature in the same way as your own teeth.
  • Unlike traditional crowns, CEREC crowns contain no metal, so they look natural and blend beautifully with your teeth.

Please Contact Our Office for More Information

At Cloud Dental, helping you achieve excellent oral health is our top priority. We understand that cost is a factor for most patients, and we are committed to finding solutions that improve your overall dental health and provide the best value.  

If you would like to learn more about beautiful, convenient CEREC crowns, please contact our West Little Rock dental office.