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Invest in Preventive Care to Spend Less Overall!

dental emergency and prevention

If you live with a strict budget, have you included the costs of preventive dental care in your numbers? It’s easy to overlook visiting the dentist as a “nonessential” expense—especially if you don’t have dental insurance. After all, you brush and floss religiously! Your teeth seem fine. Not to mention your schedule is busy, and who has time for dental appointments?

But if you are true to your budget, you should keep in mind that you can save money by investing in preventive dental care. So the next time you decide to ignore that reminder from your family dentist in Little Rock, think again. You can save a substantial amount of ...

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Same-Day Crowns with CEREC Technology

Pictures of Cerec Crowns | Cloud Dental

You have just received the news that you need another crown. This isn't the best situation since your schedule is so busy at work right now. The last time you had a crown done, it took almost a month and multiple appointments to complete. You don't know how you'll ever fit that into your current schedule!

Your dentist in Little Rock has great news. With innovative CEREC technology available, you can now complete your crown during one short appointment!

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and what that means for you is a completely streamlined experienced that is more efficient and comfortable. CEREC uses 3-D technology to ...

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3 Tips for Finding a Little Rock Dentist You Can Trust

Couple Smiling Together | Cloud Dental

When looking for a new dentist, you should keep in mind that this is a professional with whom you want to build a long-term, trusting relationship. So, it’s important to take into account your family’s oral health needs now, as well as any you may anticipate in the future.

However, even the most comprehensive array of services won’t ensure that you will receive the highest quality of dental care. Being a great dentist takes years of practice, hours upon hours of continuing education, and a sincere interest in listening to and learning from your patients.

Tips for Finding A Dentist You Can Trust

As a patient, it’s your right to ask questions before ...

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What to Expect after a Gum Disease Diagnosis

What to Expect with Gum Disease | Little Rock AR Dentist

Learning that you have periodontal (gum) disease can be upsetting. But the important thing is now you know what you’re dealing with and you are taking the appropriate action in seeking treatment. You can commit to taking better care of your teeth from this day forward.

How Gum Disease Progresses

Gum disease occurs when bacteria-laden plaque is not thoroughly removed from your teeth. The bacteria causes irritated, inflamed gums that bleed easily when you brush. This is called gingivitis, and can usually be treated with a professional cleaning and more conscientious oral hygiene.

However, if we don't treat gingivitis,  it advances to the next stage of gum disease – periodontitis. With periodontitis, ...

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Are You Ready for Wedding Season? Teeth Whitening Can Help!

Teeth Whitening | Cloud Dental

Are you a frenzied bride-to-be who is in a whirlwind trying to tie up loose ends for the big day? Maybe you are the groom or a friend or relative who would like to brighten your smile for the special event.

In any case, you know you want to look your best, and you would love to give your smile a boost. But you don’t have time to sit for 5 minutes, much less an hour for a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

At our Little Rock dental office, we have the solution you need! We offer Sheer White! professional whitening films that are convenient and easy to use. Don’t ...

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Under the Weather? Keeping Up with Your Oral Hygiene when You Are Sick

Woman at window | Cloud Dental

Unfortunately, flu season is upon us once again. Being sick can drag you down to the point where you can’t even think about oral hygiene. We understand because we’ve all been there. But Little Rock dentist, Dr. Lindsay Cloud wants to remind you that there is a direct connection between the health of your mouth and your overall body health so preventive oral hygiene is especially important at this time.

Protecting Your Mouth While You’re Sick

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: You already know that your body needs hydration, but it’s important for your oral health too. The flu can make you dehydrated and over-the-counter cold medicines contribute to the drying effect. Dry mouth, ...

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Which Restoration Is Right for Me? Dental Implants vs. Partial Dentures

You have missing teeth and you know they need to be replaced, if only to help you feel better about the way you look. We offer both implants and dentures at our Little Rock, AR office, but how do you decide which is right for you?

First, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Will a removable partial denture suit you, or do you want a more permanent solution? Partial dentures are effective at replacing the missing tooth, but you have to deal with removing them for oral hygiene. Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone so they are a permanent solution, but are you a good candidate?

Implants vs. ...

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